Educational Park Branch Library


  • Name: Educational Park Branch Library
  • Address: 1772 Educational Park Drive, San Jose, CA
  • Owner: City of San Jose
  • General Contractor: Barry Swenson Builder
  • Architect: Anderson Brule
  • Completion Date: August 2011
  • Project Cost: $7.6M

Project Description: Educational Park Branch Library is a public bid project for the City of San Jose. It consisted of the construction of a new 18,057 square foot, one-story library building, including utilities, landscaping and site improvements. Building is wood and steel framed, with a stucco, metal and glass exterior. This is a LEED project, attempting a gold level standing.

The most challenging part of this project was the construction of the compound steel radius structure.

Project goal was to achieve a LEED Silver Status. Project achieved this and is attempting to surpass the goal and achieve LEED Gold.