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Letitia Building

The Letitia building is one of San Jose’s gems of a building. It is registered under with the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) as it dates back to 1889.  The building was named after the daughter of California’s First Governor Letitia Ryland Burnett who also was the architect, C.T Ryland’s wife.

The building served as a rooming house until 1922 when it was then remodeled into offices and  retail uses. It was even used as an auction house for grapes.

Hopkins and Carley law firm has occupied the building since 2000. Much detail was spent on the wood railings, crown moldings and light fixtures to maintain the building’s historical character.




  • Developer: Barry Swenson Builder
  • Architect: Originally built by C.T. Ryland
  • General Contractor: Barry Swenson Builder
  • 33,000 SF 
  • Location:  68 South 1st St., San Jose, CA
  • Completed: August, 1999
  • Project Cost: $12M