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St. George Residences

Originally built in 1894 in a redbrick “Italianate” style, with the facade later remodeled in 1922 to a “Spanish Revival” style to suit its new name: “The St. George Mission Inn”. The Loma Prieta Quake- damaged hotel was destroyed by fire in 1990. The replacement design has retained many of its historic exterior features, and incorporated the famous garden court skylight into the new structure. The ironwork balconies were salvaged from the old landwork, and reused on the new building.

The project currently houses 122 SRO Units, along with two 2-bedroom apartments and 60,000 SF of ground floor retail.  SWENSON acted as developer and general contractor on this project with design from Thatcher & Thompson.


  • Developer: SWENSON
  • Architect: Thatcher & Thompson
  • General Contractor: SWENSON
  • 122 SRO Units & 60k SF Retail
  • Location: 833 Front Street, Santa Cruz